Summer is an end and actually fall is closing out too, (yes I am sorry Linda Hoadley but it has happened) time for the big pontoon to be loaded up and head out for the winter.  As many beach chairs as possible were loaded up along with Steve’s famous Stop sign

You know it is a cold day when the boss is in a winter coat.  I think his blood has gotten a little thin being in Arizona in the winter, the rest of us were in fall coats and had not encased ourselves in long underwear

Stopping by to pick up Troy and a chair.  It was a running jump as Steve was not stopping in the wind with a 28 foot long boat

And they are off to cruise the lake on this warm afternoon.  Troy only gets pontoon boat rides in the spring and fall in such wonderful weather

Chicken Little posted at the top of the beach steps making sure he was not dragged out for a final boat ride.  Getting Mack to get on a boat requires a 5 minute chase.  He has not recovered yet from his one boat ride in the ski boat this summer where he was tramatized for life by the motor that he was sure was going to eat him

28 foot boat requires its own trailer and a different landing than Hilltop.  The corner on the hill at Hilltop could never be made with this boat, so we get special permission to use this private landing twice a year to get it in and out.  We are down at the old Keith’s Key of the North, the resort that was built after the Keith’s sold Keith’s Cliff to my grandparents back in 1946.  It opertated into the 70’s until it was sold off in pieces.  The old lodge building is one of the neatest on the lake.  Wish I could move it over to the resort for a lodge building…… but maybe we will solve that little problem this year…. stay tuned…  Ohh back to getting the boat out.  This requires Craig to get it right backing the huge trailer down a narrow ramp

Guys enjoying their cruise on the warm lake with beach chairs but no babes…. and no bathing suits..  Keep in mind they get paid for this… does not seem right… but they also will be digging up 14 septics next week so I guess they can have some fun

So far straight

Challenge is the uneven lake here and the heave on the trailer

There is a reason I made you pay for running boards on this truck.

Craig:  When I was your age I could do this without running boards and my hand tied behind my back….

Me:  So are you telling me dad that you would like me to get the money back for the running boards and sell them so you can show us how it is really done

Craig:  No I would not want you to feel bad or have to go the trouble we can keep the running boards in case you have to drive and do this

Me:  Yeah ok dad, we will keep them for me, but in the meantime don’t waste them and make sure to use them yourself

Can you feel the groan of arthritis at this point?

Craig:  You know in Arizona it is 80 degrees today, and I will be sipping coffee in my garden at this time next week

Me:  We will ship you a snowball next week when it snows

Linning up the approach

The finesse of the hand signals

Steve: You have got to be kidding me that is the straightest the trailer can be and I am going to be blamed when it goes on crooked

Troy:  Yeah that is why I am the smart one not driving or directing from the truck, I can just laugh at you both

Troy:  Ummm it is not straight and it is not my fault!

Craig:  You know I could have gotten it a little straighter

Troy:  I was not driving, I did not back the trailer in and I was not directing the boat

Steve:  You know I could just fart right now and ruin both of your lives

Craig:  I learned this trick from an old Indian, watch and learn son

Troy:  I will leave them to the old indian tricks and I am going to use a paddle, much safer this way

Can you feel the father and son bonding as the boat drifts into place as Troy paddles from the back

Mack:  You wonder why I stay away from boats.  This entire blog entry is dedicated to my fear of being anywhere near a floating load death trap with this family

Inch out a few more feet to the end of the tail gate and see if you can hold on, here we go

Troy:  I married into this…. I think I will keep my paddle close at hand til next spring when they send me out to test drive the boat for the first run of the season