I was cleaning cabins and came down to the lake to find the guys had been busy taking apart the beach

Always sad to see the inner tubes out and headed up for storage, although they look like they could use a little air before next summer

White dock already out of the water and set for winter

Beautiful afternoon for dock work even with a north wind

Something is missing….

Setting up to get the big end of the pier out without getting anyone in the water or wet

Enlisting help from everywhere.  Why did they hand off the life ring…. I am not sure….  I want my camera back!

Steve making the final preparations

Just in time the boss showed up with his new winter hat look.  I could happily hand off the life ring and pick my camera up again being relieved of dock duty.

Mack once again preferring to watch from a distance.  Missing picture is when he was called to come over by the docks he ran from this spot to the top of the stairs to watch from a very safe distance

3 heads together figuring out how to get the heavy end in

the life ring is back in the equation… not sure what is going on

Letting out the string

This picture just says disaster…  Boss with the life ring tied to the end of the dock…

I have an idea! and don’t laugh

Heave Hooooo

almost there…

Opps time for the wadders…. anyone know which ones are leaky for Troy

I did my best and I am going to let them figure out the rest


More to come tomorrow…  Will the raft make it in with a high wind and Steve rowing?