Row Row Row your boat….  ease to say when you are not in a stiff North wind and heading out to the raft to drag it in with relatives standing by to laugh if you end up blown down into the bay by Hilltop

Made it to the raft the first step complete

examing the slime on his gloves after pulling the anchor up.  Now the question…. can he row fast enough to get to shore.  Bets were made on the shoreline

Rowing quickly but heading for Hilltop

Craig points out that this is the first year that we have not lost an anchor to a snapped line

Steve yells back that, the only reason is, is because he used “New Rope” when he tied it on this spring

Craig falls over in exasperation and says Maynard is turning over in his grave over new rope being used on the anchor rope

Steve yells to quite complaining and how would he like the raft wintered at Hilltop, I am sure Tom and Mary Ellen won’t notice

Time to give him a little help.  Will the motor start before he ends up at Hilltop?

Detect a few swear words said at this point, along with the quote “Put my camera down and give me some help before I send this motor into the murky depths”

Steve “Help!”

Craig “You used new rope for the anchor”

Steve “Yes, Yes I did and I saved you from having to buy 4 more cement blocks, would you please HELP!”

Craig “Cement Blocks are half of the price of rope…., did you say you needed help?”

As long as I do not have to have anything to do with the rope, carrying the cement blocks or anything to do with maintenance for the raft, I don’t care what the cost I just don’t want to have to explain to Tom why the raft is in his backyard for the winter.  Here I come Steve! and “Put my damn camera down and quite laughing and taking pictures”

So many…. many things that could go wrong in this picture……

Family unity for the moment, the raft is headed in the right direction.  Missing picture, Troy chuckling on shore the whole time watching the fiasco and thinking “I am staying out of this mess”

Time to get the ladders off

Steve “You know if she got a motor started, maybe we could get her to put on a pair of wadders

Troy “You would have to get that camera out of her cold stiff hands before she would get a set of wadders on

Steve:  Ummm I think I dropped something…..

Craig:  What?

Steve:  A washer

Craig:  Not the special washer that was handed down from Grandpa to me and now to you, it was a special one painted orange.   After what you spent on the rope you had better find it.  A washer these days is a whole 25 cents and money does not grow on trees

Troy:  Peace you two I have an idea I will mark the spot with the rake and we can come back with a magnet

Craig grumbling…..  You know I used to do this job with out wadders and I did not loose washers….

Steve:  When were you leaving for Arizona…

Craig:  With the cost of washers and rope I have decided to stay for the winter

The rake marks the spot of the bronzed special washer

How come it is me that is heading out to look for the washer?

Looking for a needle in a haystack

I think he would have better luck with the needle in the haystack

Steve with the special magnet… did he find the washer with the magnet… did Troy make it out of the lake…. did Craig take up residence for the winter or head to Arizona…. did Jenny commit them all to therapy for the winter… stay tuned