It has been a quiet few days.  We bid farwell for the winter to Craig and Lynnette who packed up the RV and got out of the Northwoods before the snow flies for Arizona.  If you see a large RV with a blue moped on the back go through your town get out of the way or offer Craig a beer, Old Milwaukee is his favorite

With the boss gone, and the to do list that he left long… it was time to get started.  First thing to be attacked was clearing a few trees for the new septic at Norway to be installed in a couple of weeks.  When things are running smoothly The Country is so grand….  I have heard that jingle somewhere before….

Easy tree down and time to pull out the ropes and Come A Long (hey Paul did I spell it right?) to get the dead birch hanging in the direction of Norway.  Watching the guys take down trees is not nearly as entertaining since they started using the Come A Long… but much safer and less things hit.  Time to round up Mack and get him out of the way…. ahhh he has already headed for the hills with the sounds of chainsaws.. smart dog

Troy always gets the end of the rope that the falling tree is headed towards, just like he always gets the leaky waders.

Steve gets the other end with the chain saw.  Notice the proximity of Norway and the lean of the tree.  Cranker her down Troy!

Cranking for all he has got and the snap and pop of the tree as it starts to lean away from Norway and towards Troy.

Steve:  Keep Cranking I think you got it

Troy:  Yeah but what happens when I get it!

Steve:  You are such a worry wart

Steve:  Dang she is hung up

Troy:  Yeah right over my head

Hung up

Pulling but not coming down

Vroom… Vroommm watch out

Dang still hung up….

I think it is time for me to move

Time to use our heads and muscles and pull from the other side


Steve:  Victory over the tree, time for the septic

Troy:  I believe we have a few more trees to take out Slick.  How about you get the rope this time and I use you for target practice