At lunch the guys told me that I might want to bring the camera down to see them take down a tricky tree by Norway.  After cleaning cabins all morning the sound of entertainment with cabins being hit by a tree I was all over it.  When I saw this tree and what they planned to do.. all I could ask was, did you ask dad about this before he left and what did he think about what you are planning on doing?  Steve’s reply, “Yep we asked him.”  My reply “What did he say”  Steve:  “Well he said wait for the septic guys and let them push the tree over with their big equipment, but I think we can do this and possibly not hit Norway”  This is the point where I know nothing I am going to say will make a difference, they have a plan and they are going to follow through.  Time to just take pictures.

The tree above has 2 parts and their first plan is to take out the limb on the right by notching it and back cutting it while Steve is up in the tree.  Once the back cut is done, Troy would crank down and pull the big limb down and hope to not hit Norway

First things first, take out the light pole which is in ground zero.

Me:  If the septic guys push over the tree, would we have to take out the light pole?

Guys:  The bulb needing changing anyway so we might as well take it out.

Me:  Light bulb blown out…. take out the entire light pole…. yep that makes sense to me

Leaning tree and light pole

They like nothing better than having an excuse to use the old log lifter from Maynard..  I think it was part of the motivation to do this

Time to head up the tree

Setting the winch rope.  At this point my phone rings with out insurance agent on the other end.  He is calling with the good news that our insurance company has given us permission to put the swimming slide back in the swimming area but they still will not let us put the diving board on the raft.  I laugh and say, that is great news and yell to the guys that that the insurance man is on the phone and the good news about the slide.  They cheer and yell, don’t tell him what we are up to now.  My very smart insurance man who knows us says “It is tree cutting season isn’t it?  I say “how did you know, and they are doing everything by OSCA standards no worries”  He tells me “yeah, I just don’t want to hear from you in the next hour if a cabin gets hit”  I say “No worries Craig is in Arizona you are dealing with the next generation who is much safer”  Insurance man just nervously laughs… he knows our family way to well

Time to use high tech tools

high up in the tree, using a screw driver and axe to knock out the notch.

Troy setting up the Come A Long as Steve scampers down the ladder

Things set up.  Insurance paid up on Norway.  Red ladder set to take a blow from branches and deflect them from the building.  Time for Steve to come down the ladder

Mack absolutely devastated tied to a tree to stay safely away.  He may forgive me in a week for doing this to him

Pulling and tightening, tree making popping noises.  Notice the lean it is still taking towards Norway

A few nervous moments but it snapped and came down in the right spot

Two very relieved souls who’s names are not mud

One side of the tree down and the other staying there for the moment and possibly until the big equipment for septics comes later in November