For those that tune in for peace and serenity with scenic photos, read no further and enjoy this sunrise this morning on Lower Kaubashine.  The sunrises the last week have been amazing as you can see.  That is the end of serenity in this blog entry, so those that clicked in for that, click out and grab your coffee and enjoy your peace.  Those that like to make insurance agents tremble read on….

It was quite a day and I kept snapping pictures.  We started with the taking down of the 2nd half of the birch tree.  Today Steve made 2 changes, first he grabbed a chainsaw on the ladder instead of the hand saw.

2nd he grabbed a much shorter ladder..  Did you really think we would send him up the tall extension ladder with a chain saw running…. ok yes we would, but today I hid the tall ladder

Troy in his usual position

Starting to pull the tree back.  This might turn out ok!  We heard from Craig in Alabama who had checked out the blog pictures of the trees from the other day and he was shaking his head over what they were doing but still had to point out they only took down half of the tree

Really getting the lean but hung up in the trees

I like this picture of Troy looking up at the tree coming down slowly

What to do when the tree is hung up.  Jump up and down with the line

I left at this point with the tree headed towards the ground and I heard it made it down without too much fanfare and not breaking anything, but I had cabins to clean and the guys wanted my help with a afternoon project which sounded easy enough, taking out the pontoon… but with these two lately is anything easy or drama free…. I should have just kept cleaning cabins

Cabins clean, nice lunch at the Island Cafe with my girlfriend and time to rush home to help with the pontoon.  Little cruise on the lake what could be nicer on a sunny but cold late October day.  Mack was rounded up for the last ride along with all the rest of the beach stuff that needed to head up on the pontoon.

Cruising and taking some nice lake shots for the blog.  Enjoy the peace and serenity as I did crossing the lake sitting in a beach chair

The Point with leaves down.  Relaxing, relaxing….

No stress, trees down, dog at my feet, last boat ride of the season…..

Admiring all Tom’s hard work at Hilltop with his new docks

Steve backing up the truck with his copilots.  All is right in the world…

Pontoon out without to much hassle… but is the trailer tilting to the left?  Hmmm… upon careful observation it is discovered that we have a flat tire on the one side.  No big deal, put the boat back in the water and take the trailer up the hill and get it pumped up at Tom’s air pump and go back down and load the boat up a 2nd time.  Again not to many problems….   Then we head down Hilltop’s driveway with Troy, Mack and I sitting in beach chairs enjoying the ride when what should happen…..

Pontoon pops off the hitch and tilts back with the back end of the pontoons dragging in the driveway and the boat still has momentum and is heading into the back of the pretty white trucks tail gate..  Troy and I are scrambling to hold on to our seats, Mack is in shock, and Steve slams on the truck brakes when he hears a commotion as Troy yells for him to keep going as the trailer hitch is getting closer and closer to the back end of the truck.  The boat slowly comes to a halt 1/2 inch from the back of the truck.  Steve pops out with Troy to see what happened.  Tom comes running up the driveway thinking the boat was falling off the trailer.  Mack has bailed and headed as far away from the boat as possible and all I can say is hey Tom I don’t suppose you caught that on camera for the blog as my heart is in my throat….  No pictures… but we have Mack’s anxiety as evidence of what happened.

We learned an important lesson, put the chains on the trailer EVERY TIME!!!!!

Then we headed home with the trailer chained down, all was fine and then…

It happened again in our driveway.  This time the chains caught the boat and I had my camera.  Not nearly as dramatic

The reason for safety chains

Don’t worry dad not one dent in the truck……. yet……..

The guys called me for my expertise to help them with the trailer issue.  For once I had no problem helping them out and the trailer did not move

Safely in dry dock for the winter and time to go get the trailer in for a little maintenance.