Winter Park is adding a new longer snow shoe trail this year and they put the word out they needed some help blazing the trail and since it was a by week for the Green Bay Packers we headed out to give them a hand.   Lots and lots of trimming

While we were out there, Channel 12 was doing a story on the new snowshoe trail and we had them interview the 2, 17 year olds who had to serve some community service time for their AP Goverment Class.  They were reluctant at first but then realized what better evidence that they did their volunteer hours than being on the news

Trimming high and low.  It should be an awesome trail in a few more weeks.  Can’t wait!!

On the way out we spotted a porcupine in a tree.  I did not have my zoom Cannon and had to make do with my Iphone camera.  You can sort of see it in this pic

Mack was with us and I was just happy he had not tangled with this porkie as we had been in this area for over 2 hours