This weekend I unveiled my new Christmas Balls at a craft fair in Minocqua.  Above is the Christmas Ball display.  I am selling them for 12 dollars a couple of the more complicated ones with patterning through the whole ball are 15 like the silver and green one in the front plus 5 dollars per order if I have to send them through the mail, or stop in and pick some out if you are interested

I found this old hat box at Gas Light Square antiques in Minocqua for 25 dollars and I could have sold the hat box 10 times at the fair but it is too cool to sell and I love the way the balls look in the box.  I will be hanging balls all over our house this Christmas or putting them in baskets or the hat box, as well as our Christmas tree.  Balls balls balls all over for Christmas.  My family and friends are having fun with the fact at Jenny has balls.  Yes I do LOL

Here are all the designs I have come up with so far.  I have been playing with different yarns and combinations.  One of my favorite is the one of the left which is a bronze version of the pinecone ball.  I had a silver one is a previous picture.  These are all norwegian designs

All of my shinny balls (laughing that does not sound right)  Both of the pinecones, the christmas tree and greek cross.  The cranberry and silver greek cross is also on my favorite list.  The pinecone balls are 15 the others are 12.

The Christmas reindeer and sleigh is also one of my more complicated and favorite ball at 15.  It has 2 different patterns on it.  The reindeer on one side

The sledder behind the reindeer on the next side

My two snowball, balls.  Done in sparking white yarn compared to the more off white I use on the other balls.  I was going to make one of my next balls a snowflake in reverse with the dark blue as the back ground and the sparkling white as the star… but not done yet.  All of these are 12

Fun balls.  The middle one I did in an earlier picture with silver yarn.  All of these are 12

More and More balls.. the one on the right is based on a nordic sweater design.  I have a 2nd one similar to it in the works on my needles right now that I will picture on tomorrows blog when it is done.  These are all 12 except for the sweater one on the right it is 15, 3 hours of work in that ball

Skiing Jumper and rocking horse.  The rocking horse is done in sparkly black yarn.  Both are 12

A friend of mine also thought they would look cool in a basket which I like as well

I will be making balls and picturing the new ones as I make them.  If you would like to order any email me at  I will fill orders from what I have done or make them on demand.  Keeping in mind my needles only go so fast and I will only take enough orders between now and Christmas that I can get done.  I will be picturing new ball patterns as I do them.  I will be making these year round so when you are at the resort ask to see them and you can pick any out then as well…  It would work really well when I have my new office/giftshop….  hmmm plans in the works… stay tuned

Now on to the stockings.  I have 11 done for this Christmas and a 12th 1/2 done.  They are heirloom quality the only stocking you will ever want made out of 100 percent wool.  I will put names on them and ship them off for 45 plus 5 for shipping or stop in and pick up.  Again if you want to pick them up while up here I make them year round just let me know ahead of time and the name to put on and I will have them ready.  There is 8 hours of work in each one.  They make wonderful baby or wedding gifts.  Many couples have gotten them as wedding gifts and then called me for their kids years later

For the above ones that I have right now I have one snowman and 2 trees done

These are some of the most popular. I have 3 moose and 2 bears, with a 3rd bear 1/2 done on my needles right now

I have 2 cabins, and one snowflake, or some people say it looks like holly.

Again all of these are available year round as well as the Christmas season.  Knitting calms my mind at night and Troy would tell you if I did not knit he might not be able to live with me.  Email me at or give a call to order any of the above.