It is November, it is raining, the guys have been digging up septics to get pumped and I decided a dreary picture of a hole in the ground and a septic tank lid was just not inspiring the blog today.  So I went in the old file of pictures and picked out some oldie but goodies.  Craig, Maynard, Millie and Uncle Dave are pictured above probably late 50’s.  I have a feeling I will feel like my grandma Millie in a few years when all the boys are taller than me

I could not resist posting this picture of my Uncle Dave’s wife before they were married going skiing behind the red ski boat.  The motor has changed over the years.  I remember skiing with the preserver around your waist like Aunt Georgia has.  Take alook at the shoreline behind her and how much that has changed.  I don’t think anyone would like a sail boat parked in the swimming area today

The old grill on the playground when it was a focal point of cook outs.  One of these days we may get it re cemented and usable again.  It is somewhere on the list.  Maynard is doing his favorite job, head grill guy.  Not sure who is standing with him.  Maybe someone out in blog land will recognize him

The old gate back in the day.  Bryon, Katie’s husband is the one who said he could make us a better gate and he did, the totem pole gate is awesome but the old white gate has a place in our memories

I pictured Steve and  Troy using this same log carrier the other day with the light pole, in almost the same spot as this is a picture of the old Holiday and Norway.  Uncle Dave and Craig carrying out a log with Maynard supervising

Our house before Craig touched it remodeling.  It used to be a carbon copy of the old Muskie Inn, before he remodeled that as well.  Troy will tell you we miss the flatter roof and hearing the rain hit it.  Now with the taller roof line we do not hear the rain like before.  Funny to see no garden in front of the house as well

Wondering what we will be doing today…  Millie has the idea