I went out to see what the guys were up to and saw Steve’s Jetta up on the blocks.  This car has over 300,000 miles and Steve prides himself in being able to keep it going.  Although the noise it has been making lately has been enough to wake the dead

All I saw were 2 legs sticking out and the call for Pliers!  I knew enough to say needle nosed or regular.  The claim is that the car will make it one more winter atleast.  We shall see…  or they may get stuck like this for the winter.

Since the old pictures were enjoyed so much yesterday I thought I would put another batch up since the guys are not providing any blog entertainment with the septics or the car repairs

Who caught this fish Dave or Craig…..  both will say they did, but it was probably Maynard

Bayview, has it really changed much…. nope I think the screen door is even the same

Maynard still in his favorite position

Bathers, anyone have any idea who they are?  Tom Hixson any of your relatives?

Another shot of the lodge when it still had logs for siding.  Recognize the birch trees?  They were taken down a few years ago and our bear sits on the stump of one.  The 2 big pines in the yard are a big smaller as well

Back in the day when the pier was straight and not an L

Another old shot of the ski boat with a different motor on it.  I think they are putting a slide in.  Can’t wait to get the slide back in the swimming area this summer after a 20 year absence

Some views never change much and this one will be here in a few weeks