Sunrise this morning with interesting cloud formations

I am guessing this cloud was man made some how.  It was cool to see this morning

Ducks flying in the sunrise

Old pictures made me think about messing with the Black and White on my Iphoto.  Gives the shot a different feel.  Couple of boats still in.  We even have a few fishermen coming up this weekend to use them

The actual lighting was amazing as well with the purple tint and the lake mists

In other news we had Chuck Allison bow hunting at the resort for the last week and he was not going home empty handed.  We do allow some hunting on our 2 private 40 acre plots that we own on the road.  No hunting in the resort unless you are the Gibson boys and after the dastardly red squirrel with a bounty of 5 dollars a squirrel paid by mom.  If you are interested in private hunting, especially bow give a call.  We do have a few spots open for the gun deer season after the first weekend.  I make sure folks have assigned spots then so that everyone knows where they are and we only allow a select few at a time so it is quality hunting.  Give a call if interested

I got my next Christmas Ball done.  This one is based on Nordic sweater pattern, I have a 2nd one done previously that matches up with this one.  They are 12 each plus shipping of 5 dollars if you are interested.  I have also added them in a link on the maid website under Resort Information look at the stocking link for pictures of the stockings and balls