Country Boys you got to love them.  Spent their Sunday before the Packer game fulfilling some of their 7 hours of community service project for AP Government class by brushing trails out at Winter Park.  Come back to the resort to hear that the great squirrel hunt was going on with their brothers in hot pursuit.  Keep in mind these 2 have to dress up with shirts and ties in a couple of weeks to hob nob with top notch snooty Eastern High Schoolers at a Model UN meeting in Washington DC.  Not sure if we will be able to take the country out of the boys… think they will stick out with all the private school eastern US..  I do know they will be disarmed before going to Washington

The Younger brothers showing the older how to go on a squirrel hunt.  Top reward is 5 dollars for a red squirrel

Getting armed

I got my gun skills from by Grandpa Black.

Squirrel spotted.  Lets try parliamentary procedure rules on the squirrel.  Think this will go over in Washington?

Sanctions have not worked, the squirrels broke the peace agreement by raiding and eating a hole in the bird feeder.  Now time for military enforcement

Bryon showing Jake his idea of flanking the enemy.  They are representing the nation on Saudi Arabia at the Model UN Conference.  I am thinking they are practicing dealing with Iran

Bryon:  I heard those Iranian diplomats are going to be tough

Jake:  Nothing compared to my Grandpa the time he got bonked on the head with a pinecone thrown by a red squirrel

One of their allies in the region arriving back empty handed

Switzerland was staying out of all confrontations and safely in the house

Yep we are ready to do negotiations… just give us a suit and tie, we clean up well.. Country Boys will survive… but will the UN be the same after they leave

Stay tuned, I hope they can negotiate better than they can shoot because today the only ones laughing were the squirrels and the Iranians