I could split this group of pictures up into 3 entries but I thought instead to run them together showing how the day started off and how it ended.  No snow to Snow.

The woodshed started the day, it never stays empty for long.  A bare wall talks to you and says time to get to work and the guys did today

It was just starting to flurry with the wood splitter going.  The first real snow flakes of the season.  Nothing goes along with the first flakes, like doing a little wood.  Steve was getting a hand with Ken Broy who has been up this week enjoying Birchwood’s fireplace and was having a nice time helping out replacing some of the wood he had been burning.

It is usually Ted and Mark helping out with wood, don’t worry there will be plenty if you decide to come to the woods

Troy hauling it off

Mack enjoying watching the first flakes come down.  He loves the snow! but I can just read his mind…  where is the ground going that I like under my feet

A couple of hours later the snow was piling up

Bay down by Red Pine

The Point in the snow

One of my favorite pictures on the hillside by Red Pine

It was coming down thick.  Now on to the reason why I was down at Red Pine

My least favorite bathroom in the resort was up for demo.  I has the last remaining olive green found anywhere in the resort and the guys were having fun destroying

The dreaded shower door leaving!

Someone break it to Craig that we will have to buy a new toilet, this vintage olive green is headed to the dumpster… someone broke it… no idea who

shower headed to the same place

While down there I found the red ski boat in dry dock for the winter buried already

Hard to imagine the boat flying across Lower Kaubashine with all this furniture on top

Tune back into see what happens