Steve and troy came back from the swamp, our swamp 40 down the road by Kitty Springs, with this prize on the truck.  He was very excited.  The Beavers flooded the swamp last year and a few trees died in the flood, one being this old cedar tree.  Steve and Troy harvested it and loaded it on the truck before it could rot.  What will they do with it?  There are plans… not definite plans… but ideas and plans…

Steve:  Think we can lift it?

Troy:  Oh yeah, that is why I gave you the butt end of the log and volunteered for the lighter front end.  Pay backs for all the leaky waders over the years

If this was a oak log they would never be able to lift it.  Cedar is much lighter.  I will tell you it is not going to be used for firewood

Stored away til the inspiration hits, probably spring or early summer

Old picture of the day, Birchwood, looking much smaller.  The Red Pine by the two white rocks is quite a big tree right now and is actually ready to be harvested soon.