I just put the finishing touches on the 2012 Black’s Cliff Calendar.  The above picture is he cover shot of the calendar.  I had hoped to get them done earlier because they were 40% off through Saturday at midnight… but it did not happen.  I order the calendars directly from Walgreens to you.  They are 19.96 plus tax.  If you have a Walgreens store by you that makes calendars you can skip the shipping and handling and have them ordered to that store.  Otherwise you have to pay shipping and handling in addition.  This week there is no good coupon at Walgreens.  I will make announcements as I see good coupons for the calendars come up if you want to wait to order.  Otherwise email or call me and I can make the order now.  I need your credit card, expiration date, billing address, and shipping address if it is different to jenny@blackscliffresort.com or call 715 356 3018

Note to the Berchtold family.  Someone needs to order this calendar for Grandpa for Christmas as he and Jean will enjoy July.  To everyone else I tried especially in the summer to include as many folks as I could and I think I caught most.  Bill and Sam Scully have a dueling surprise, Rich Snodgrass and his new hobby, among many other things.

The calendars will also be in each cabin this year as I did for 2011 for everyone to enjoy if you don’t order one.

Next year maybe I will have the 2013 calendars done early and at the resort if only I had a place to sell them…..