There is nothing as grand as when this truck arrives to pump all the septics.  Once you own 16 septics you appreciate septic maintenance and making sure they are all running smoothly.  Today we were up for our yearly pumping and what excitement was in the air

Steve giving it all a thumbs up so far

I will spare you from a more close up shot

We were not only getting pumped but also a new system installed at Norway.  The county frowned on Craig’s idea of using one septic for Holiday and Norway and it was time to make the county happy.  Using the argument that they are only used 1/2 of the year so only need 1/2 a septic may have worked in Maynard’s time but not now.  Time to add another system and make everything flow smoothly

The drain field wandering through the woods

Wandering and wandering…. amazing what a hole in the ground costs

What Craig is missing in Arizona.  What in the world is he doing keeping busy being on city water and city sewage lines.  My guess is once in awhile he sneaks down to the water treatment plant in Phoenix just to see what is going on.  I am sure Homeland Security appreciates his check ups.