I am not sure if these songs are just played in Wisconsin or if they are nation wide.  If you have never listened to them take a moment to lower your IQ and pick up the Yupper accent and catch Buck Fever that has started to invade Wisconsin this week with the gun hunt starting on Saturday morning.  They are good for a laugh and I want it clear that nobody in my family has “Da Yupper” accent.  Yupper is short for what you hear the closer you get to the Upper Michigan Boarder, also heard on the Eastern side of Wisconsin.. not by anyone in the Black Family despite what my cousins out East seem to think

Da 30 Point Buck by Bananas at Large

The 2nd week of Deer Camp by Da Yoopers

Enjoy the music if you have not heard it before.  If you live in the state of Wisconsin you have heard both of these songs so much that they are rattling around in your brain at odd times of the day.  I heard a DJ on a local radio station who did a rendition of The 30 Point Buck sung to different lyrics about the poor DJ who is hounded every 10 minutes by phone calls from Mid November til Thankgiving to play these songs

Whatever you do this deer hunting season watch out for Da 30 Point Buck

Hope I gave you a taste of Deer Hunting in Minocqua.  Da Deer Hunters arrive starting on Thursday