Deer Camp 2011 is open.  The Fleenor guys were the first to return from the woods today with 2 deer.  A small buck and doe

The rest of the pictures of the guys I caught on Friday night before the hunt.  The Seiler Crew above enjoying time with the guys before heading to the woods Saturday morning.  A couple of these guys hunt on our swamp 40 and down on the corner and have had success over the years.   As long as they get the deer who killed my apple tree I will be happy

Jeff and Dan Evans who hunt on our 40 across the road were relaxing and trying to figure out the best fish fry to hit. Jeff’s 2 sons were not at the cabin yet, so this year 3 generations hunting together which is what it is all about

The Pryzbl guys staying in Norway, enjoying the staple of hunting Chex Mix


I caught a few of the Andrae family enjoying a campfire on the night before the big hunt