At some point it takes awhile for a good idea to come to you and then you wonder why in the world did I not think of this earlier.  I had a few families calling to see if they had pictures of their family in the 2012 calendar.  While I attempt to include as many as I can, sometimes there is just not room especially in the big featured pictures for each month..  So why not change a couple of pictures for the month the family comes to feature that family for their calendar.  Wa La, I am now doing customized calendars.  The Michael family got a shot of all the babies born this year in the featured picture for July plus a picture bonus picture that I will not reveal, but Jordan and Tim will enjoy it

So if you have a shot you want included or just want me to use a shot I took while you were here, I will insert it in your specific calendar when I order it.  Takes no time at all, just give a call.  Sorry to those that already ordered and this idea had not occurred to me.  I have one more coupon for 30% off for this week, before I have to call their customer service line and ask them to recharge my coupon uses at Walgreens.  You are only allowed to use each coupon 5 times, but I usually can talk a manager into reloading my uses.  Who knows what next weeks coupon will be maybe more than 30 percent or maybe it will be down to a measly  20%