Since the Holidays make everyone nostalgic,  I like to keep John Thompson happy, and I spent the day in the car yesterday driving and have no pictures it is time to go into the yester-year file.  Enjoy

This has always been one of my favorite old picture shots of the cabins coming in the driveway.  Wigam on the right, Muskie on the left and Birchwood can be seen.  Always one of my favorites

This is the back of our house, minus the deck and with the old screened porch.  I am guessing Millie is relaxing in one of those chairs

Fun old beach shot in the era of wooden boats and before the official raft.  Couple of those old boats are out in our shed… wouldn’t they look neat in a new building with book shelves in them with books, DVD’s and extra games… Just a thought……..

Anyone remember being greeted by this scallywag?  Maynard in all his glory.  Wonder what brought on this look I can only guess

Time to get some cabins turned on for Thanksgiving folks and make sure my turkey is unthawed and get my camera going again.

Happy Thanksgiving!