I had to show how my Christmas Balls have come out since I had a few new ones hanging around the house.  Most of mine are down at Kim’s Cozy Cabin in Hazelhurst for sale but I have finished a few more at home and I promised to post them.  So this is our mantle in the house at the moment.  I like how you don’t have to hang them but can just add them to a display

I had done both of these balls in red and white.  The bronze and black gave them a new look

The ball on top is fun with 3 colors in it.  All the balls I have pictured are 12 dollars except for the top ball in this picture it is 15 for the extra work and yarn I have in it.  Most of the previous balls I have made are now pictured on our website www.blackscliff.com under resort information click on the stockings link

Interested in them send an email to jenny@blackscliffresort.com or call.  If I have to ship them that would be extra.  I will be making them year round so if you want to get one while at the resort just let me know ahead of time and I will make sure to have that ball done or just ask to see which ones I have lying around at the moment you are here.  There always seem to be balls around here