Steve had a gleam in his eye and came to find me to take pictures of his latest creation.  He was so proud it involved recycled materials everything from a tamarac log (that is one heavy dense piece of wood) to lumber left over from the Keith generation over 70 years ago

Nothing like using the back of the truck as your work bench, just don’t slip and cut the tail gate!

Assembling the tamarac… what is he building

Now for the other side the lumber from the Keith’s.. sure glad dad saved it for 70 years, he knew we would have a purpose for it!

Now more recycling a used board from the picnic tables

Screwing everything in place

Now the other side  What is he making!

Putting the finishing screws in to his masterpiece

Here is the completed creation.  The piece in the middle going vertical is moveable and adjustable

All I will say is, Steve has been watching Youtube again.  First correct answer in the comment section gets a free 5 dollar chip to Hilltop (can you tell I have a stack of chips left from summer that are sitting on my desk?)   I will approve comments to be seen and the winner and pictures of this item in action on Mondays blog so you have til about 8am Monday to get your guesses in.  I think I will also have a 2nd prize for the funniest answer.