A Wood Crib was the correct answer and Amy Temple came up with the best answer with Char and Linda giving the best funniest answers with squirrel guillotine .  All will receive a 5 dollar coupon for Hilltop (cleaning up my desk).  Here is how it works and saves a lot of time.  They loaded it with small kindling items for the first run.  Steve got this pile for free from a doctor along hwy 51 and saved some teenagers from having to burn it by stopping by and picking it up for kindling.  The teens were thrilled as they got to go deer hunting instead of cleaning it up from a doctors yard and still got paid.

You cut up sections at a time

wood is flying

Kindling, kindling and more kindling

Now on to the other side

Down the middle.  This all took about 5 minutes to cut up which would have taken much longer with the chop saw they used to use

Damn I love watching YouTube!

Loading it up for a 2nd run

What is next after they are done with the kindling…. this huge pile of small diameter popple which will be easy to lift into the wood crib.  Won’t work for large logs, but small ones like this big pile are perfect for the wood crib

Monday’s job I hear is not working with the wood crib but I hear that Red Pine’s new LARGE shower arrived and it will be interesting to see how it fits into the basement bathroom.  Stay tuned