Since the guys are working down at Red Pine have had an excuse more often to go down and take pictures from that shoreline, which is nice for a change a different look at the lake from their shoreline.  This was my best shot of the morning with the bright cold sun and half frozen bay.  After this shot I flipped over the canoe full of water and ice for the winter

Sun shinning off the ice but still sparking off the water half way out

Looking over at Hilltop.  You can see where the current is heading over to the stream with running water.  The strip of water in the middle that was open was a direct shot to the stream at Hilltop

Main part of the lake still open heading out of the bay

The shower at Red Pine slowly being hooked up.  Lots of swear words and 3 trips to the hardware store yesterday and this is how far they got.  I have a feeling more swearing and more trips to the hardware store are what is ahead today.