What a difference a day makes.  An inch or two of snow came down last night changing the icy  lake

Same view I took yesterday

I took chicken little down to the lake with me.  Yesterday he would not even go down the steps.  Today he did and had strange looks at what happened to his swimming hole.  I seems to have lost his memory of last winter finally loving the ice.  I have a feeling we will be going through the same ice phobia as last winter when it gets strong enough to walk on.  Will probably have to just drag him out with me one of these days

My goal of he morning to take the same dock picture I took yesterday.  Missing picture is after this picture I wanted to take a picture of Mack out at the end of the dock looking out at the lake.  The dog has happily gone out on docks before…..  I called him over he came and I guided him out on the dock with him looking at me the whole time like I was taking him into the pits of hell.  I tried to get him into a sit and stay as I turned to go to the end of the dock to take the picture.  Before I could even get turned around the whole way, he was through my legs almost knocking me off the dock to get to shore

This is the last I saw of him as he made his escape from the evil ice.  The dog needs therapy