This was sunrise this morning.  It was cold and we are thinking very soon will be the time to turn the furnace on in our house at night.  Our woodstove up to this time has managed to warm the house up during the day and keep it warm enough at night but I have heard the term “Artic Air” for next week and lows in the single digits and that = Time to turn the furnace on or nobody will get out of their blankets in the morning to put their toes on cold floors.

I found the saw buzzing and that means things are being built

The shower at Red Pine has made it in and been set.  Now time to work on the trim.  Will it make it in time for Christmas…. the guys are not letting me book it out yet til they get farther along.  They do not want to spend nights til midnight like Santa getting things done.  I told them to just hire some elves.. they did not think that was funny and asked me if I had a phone to answer or a toilet to clean

They are just starting to put the ceiling in.  Knotty Pine so much better than painted green dry wall that was there before

You can’t beat the scenery at Red Pine for great working conditions even if it is a bit cold