I stopped in this week to the newest and coolest restaurant in town, The Northern Way.  It is on Front Street between Whoops and Loonland.  There used to be a gourmet food store in the building and it finally has a new store open.  They do breakfast and lunch and also Coffee

Hours of operation as of right now

Behind the counter are the two master minds.  One is Bev who was famous for her bakery at Horhay’s.  I was thrilled to hear she is back to baking.  I have missed her spinach fetta scones.

The store is warm and welcoming.  I heard they will also start featuring local artists in the back.  There are plenty of tables even though you only see one in this picture

Susan and I enjoying our first lunch on some wonderful bread

I loved the different games on the tables, all supplied by Whoops next door.  Enjoy the game and stop and pick it up after you leave at Whoops

I love the names of the different sandwiches

On the way out with a coffee in my hand I almost made off with their cool lamp, but wanted to be welcome back so decided to leave it

The Northern Way was a nice find to get us through a long winter