With brand new snow in the woods, and the first weekend in December it ment one thing, time to make Christmas wreathes.  A smart person thinking ahead would have cut and collected their boughs when there was no snow on the trees… instead we picked just after this beautiful snow fall to go get our boughs, because it is the first weekend in December and that is what we do… end of story.. no complaining and enjoy Christmas darn it…  and quite knocking the tree everytime your brother goes under it or we will never get this done… ohh sorry my typing got away from me and I was having a flash back

Woods were amazing… ahhhhh who just knocked the tree next to me, I have the camera darn it and quit laughing or you are grounded

Gator loaded up with boughs and time to go to Santa’s workshop (aka Muskie Inn) put on some Christmas music, get some apple cider and make wreaths.

Trimming up the boughs.  We use both balsam and white pine in our wreathes

Assembling the wreathes on a coat hanger or killing your best friend whichever works for you.  The smell of the pine boughs, Christmas music and apple cider does drive some over the edge

These are the latest in the Christmas Balls the X/O sweater pattern, 3 leaf clover and the really nice dark green and silver ball.  If interested give a call or email jenny@blackscliffresort.com I have lost track of which balls I have as they seem to get done and wander to owners I think I am closing in on making about 35 of them this Christmas.  They are fun to play with the different color yarns and patterns.  I have decided to make all the balls 12 dollars even the complicated ones, just makes it less confusing