Glancing back in my picture files I ran into this series of pics that cracked me up.  A crab caught old Poe’s attention down at the beach.  And since it is just plain cold today and nothing to interesting going on I thought I would put this flash back up again.  I lost old Poe 2 years ago and Mack is great but Poe was the best for posing for the blog he seemed to love to get in the camera and would actually stay when I said stay

Sense the stealth of old dog, can you feel the intimidation…

I have to ask myself would Mack ever have the guts that Poe had to sniff out a crab with pinchers like this

Poe’s possible thoughts

1.  I must keep the beach free of intruders

2.  The things I do to keep her happy with pictures for the blog

Thoughts running through the crab’s head

1.  What the (*&(& is that.

2. leave me alone big boy or your nose is history

3.  Does she pay for good pictures?  I will look intimidating and leave your nose alone if you pay me off later… Deal?

Peace is declared and everyone retreats with all there parts intact

Love that old dog