The lake is as cold as you think it looks and ice is being made

Makes me want to put my skates on and go for a run around the lake but my ice paranoia will have me holding off a few more days, but I am sure it is probably safe

Just to test things out I put a foot out and as I thought, all was frozen

Someone else saw me put my foot out and decided the woodstove was calling him.  After some coaxing and taunts of being called a chicken he came down the steps with his tail between his legs and rolling over on his belly

Me:  Young Jedi, you must face your fears

Mack’s reply:  freeze my unmentionables on ice or sit by the fire…. you think there is a hard decision to make,  I know who my father is and he is not Darth Vadar, I came with papers remember?

Cling on plastered to my side

Help she is torturing me!!  Send the fire department, rescue service, anything to safely get me off the ice

Ok maybe it is not that bad and maybe, just maybe I will sit her and enjoy the view, but don’t tell her I am enjoying anything about this experience or I won’t hear the end of it from her.  Pose for a picture = hour of uninterrupted nap time in front of the fireplace