The weather today, yesterday and tomorrow I am not talking about.  It has put me in a foul pre holiday mood.  The words El Nino are not to be spoken around this house.  The results of the weather are scene above.  The silver lining is that it is still thick enough and when it freezes up the top again I am heading out on my skates.  Beyond that I am not talking about the weather

Nope not talking about it

Instead showing some pics I have taken the last week of the construction project at Red Pine.  The destruction headed out of the bathroom and into the hallway.  If there is one thing we do not use at Black’s Cliff it is drywall.  This drywall is disapearing

Figuring out how to get nailers into drywall

And the walls go up, and the varnish bucket comes out

The smell of varnish.. I think I will go back to Muskie Inn where the smell of pine boughs is still in the air

Back in the bathroom it is starting to take shape, floor has gone in and the vanity is starting to be constructed

The Ugly 70’s medicine cabinet is gone.  My job to find a nice mirror to take its place

Meanwhile up stairs Steve has taken out the old bathroom sink and old cabinets.  I was lobbying for the side cabinets in the wall to go as well, but was vetoed by Troy until spring when we have more time along with new carpet downstairs.  Everything happens in good time

I see open pine shelves in place of this cabinet this spring

One week to go

Meanwhile downstairs the walls are getting their final coat of varnish.  The pine warmed up this hallway compared to the dry wall

New sink in place.  Can’t wait to have the new toilet that is not avocado green.  Loving this new bathroom!

The inspector stopped in as well to give his 2 sense worth.  I think he was just looking for a nice warm spot to lay down and sleep myself