What are the conditions up here with the snow…..  well I guess it could be worse…  There is some on the ground still after it rained yesterday, and fresh flurries are coming down this morning.   I feel like Mother Nature is teasing us, giving us enough snow to look white but not enough to play in.  The flakes were coming down as I took this picture and continuing.  I guess it is better than everyone to the south has, where there is no snow at all.  I just want enough to play in

Yep it is still pretty, we just need more of it.  On the bright side (I try to look at that) the lake should be awesome for skating once we freeze up the water on top from the rain yesterday.  There are small chances here and there in the forecast for more snow

Til then we will find joy in the little flakes that sure are pretty and make it feel like Christmas