I know there are a lot of folks checking in each day to find out the snow conditions.  Thursday afternoon we had some nice snow come down on top of the stuff we had left over after the rain on Wednesday.  We had to pull the plow out and clean up the slushy mess we had in the driveway before the cold air came in and froze it.  I think it was about 1/2 inch of snow that came down fresh and a little here and there called for, for Friday and Saturday

I also think the guys were tired of working down at Red Pine and putting the plow on and playing with it was a nice change of pace.  Just glad I did not get asked to help put the plow on, it usually involves swear words

New snow accumulating on top of the boats

Looking up the tree at the new snow

New snow filtering down through the pines makes everything seem fresh and new and just feel like Christmas.  As I was taking this picture I got a message on Facebook that it was almost 70 degrees in Atlanta today from Linda Hoadley.  I can not imagine what that would be like in December.  I was much happier to be among the snowy pines so these snowy pictures are dedicated to Linda, Wish you were here for Christmas