I know many folks check us out for conditions and the last 2 days have found us away from the resort sun up to sun down field trip to a Christmas Carol in Wausau, 2 basketball games and 8 hours of timing at a swim meet.  So we are finally home to take a few pictures before the sun went down today of the new snow that fell while we were on the pool deck.

Windshield of the truck showing what fell Saturday afternoon not a whole lot but we are slowly adding up and it looks white everywhere which is better than the brown Christmas in the Southern part of the state.  When we were in Wausau on Friday there was no snow, and I assume the rest of the state is similar to that, so we are going to happily enjoy a white Christmas Up North

Raccoon sporting some snow

Rabbit prints going down the beach steps in the new snow this afternoon

Lake looking pretty frozen.  Not sure if I would go running out in the middle until I see some ice fishermen out there, but along the shoreline it is probably safe….

Half tempted to get my skates on, but 8 hours of running cards at the swim meet just stepping out on the ice was enough maybe tomorrow.  With the cold temps the lake is pinging and ponging, much like listening to the base of a stereo kind of creepy like it is talking to you

Ice under the snow looks great, and anyone coming up in the next week should definitely bring along ice skates or hockey pucks.  Boot hockey is going to be the name of the game for Christmas break.  It is nice smooth ice under the snow.  The rain from the other day did have its perks

Best part of the day, putting feet up in front of a fireplace while I try to get the sounds of parents yelling, buzzers and whistles out of my head

Here is the update from Winter Park.  Sounds like things are Ok and explains why the rain did not hurt us too bad on Wednesday

GAME ON! We’ll be open this weekend for skiing – Tubing Still on Hold!

We received an inch or two of snow to cover up our base that, amazingly, pretty much stuck around.  Typically when you get as much rain as we did over the past few days the snow is gone.  However, we are experiencing “Australian Like” conditions.  Basically, that means that there is little if any frost in the ground and the rain water seeps through the snow and into the ground.  When there is a deep frost, the water sits on top of the ground and melts the snow from the bottom up.  So, despite all of the rain, we didn’t lose as much as we normally would………GAME ON!  A handful of skiers went out on a recon mission to come back with glowing reports considering the conditions.  Check the webcam for yourselves.  I’d still bring your rock skis, but the folks who skied said that if all they had were their new race skis, they would have skied without too much fear.  There are a few spots you’ll need to step around and some grass sticking up here and there, but no rocks.  Tubing is not open yet, as we are working out a few bugs in the system.  We hope to be open and rocking all Christmas week with the Squirrel Hill Tube Runs!

Our regular hours of operation this year will be M-F 10am til 5pm.  Saturdays we will be open from 9am til 8pm, and Sundays we will be open from 9am til 5pm.  Ski you real soon!!!