Santa says to all those Bam Hum Buggers out there relax and enjoy Christmas.  Leave the lights on in your house for the relatives and the food on the table, grab the gifts and the relatives you would really like to spend time with and run to the woods, there are 4 cabins left for Christmas that start at 120/night.  Grab your sanity and give a call, you will not regret it and it is a white Christmas up here, leave the rest the turkey on the table.  Don’t forget to bring the alcohol you might even run into a Russian in ringing in the New Year dancing in the snow lashing their relatives with pine boughs.  You think I am kidding…. there is a reason those Russians have survived all those cold Siberian winters

We have been hanging up the last of the Christmas decorations.  The guys grumbled a bit about hanging up the bells and bows, but it would not be Christmas with out a little cheer on the gate, and I threatened no Christmas cookies if it was not done.  For those that want a conditions update.  No change as you can see from the driveway, no new snow but we have not lost any either.  Time to take the plow off the truck and that will guarantee a 12 inch snow storm to spin up out of nowhere…. the guys did not buy that one they just put the %#* thing on the truck

always the cutting edge of workplace safety, huge step ladder in the back of the truck.  Paul Zaremba please close your eyes.  Is there anyother way to put up Christmas decorations?  Anyone seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation lately with Chevy Chase up the ladder putting up lights..

No Christmas cookie is worth this….  I just want her to quite complaining…

Another year of decorations up without anyone in the emergency room.  Time for some Gold Rush Brownies

Steve got to help me with another of our christmas traditions, Grandma Millie’s Gold Rush Brownies.  East Coast… Mid West Black’s all cook these for Christmas and need to have dental work done later.  Steve helping me package up the cookies to send to Craig in Arizona

The trick is the get the damn things of the pan, they are like cement but they taste sooo good and last forever.  I think Grandma had them out on the porch, her deep freezer, til February each year.  When they have sat awhile and could break your teeth, just dip them in a little hot chocolate and they are like fresh and much easier on your teeth.  also works if you over bake them

Grandma Millie’s Gold Rush Brownies

Combined together

1 can Sweet and Condensed Milk

2 cups Graham Crackers

2 cups Chocolate Chips

1/4 cup chopped nuts (I use Walnuts but any nut will do, just not a relative)

Put in a greased square pan, bake 350 for 40 minutes.  Do not overbake or you may break a tooth.  Cut into squares and wrap in tin foil and deliver to relatives.  They last forever kept cold, or a couple of weeks in foil

Coming tomorrow, Troy’s all time favorite Christmas cookie, I will give you a hint, he is not a chocolate lover and has a Russian flare.  Gather 4 sticks of butter and lots of powdered sugar and see you tomorrow