On our way to the Lakeland vs. DC Everest basketball game in Wausau last night, I quickly pulled over so Troy could grab my Iphone and snap these pictures of an icefisherman at sunset on Lower Kaubashine.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Earlier in the day I did not have the camera or my Iphone when driving past and there was a turkey out on the lake pecking around.  Strange sight!

Ohh and did I mention both JV and Varsity won.  DC Everest is ranked 10th in the state of Wisconsin and WE WON!!!  It was quite a night for Basketball fans in Minocqua and well worth the drive to Wausau on a Tuesday night

We have snow and ice and sights like this is why to head up north this winter.  Can’t get this view at home.  I may just have to take up icefishing….  nope think I will stick to ice skating.  The skating should still be awesome this next week

Now on to Troy’s favorite Christmas cookie.  Russian Tea Cakes.  I have to keep these on hand at all times or it just does not feel like Christmas.  He recommends them with a glass of milk.  I prefer a more chocolate but these are pretty darn good for a non chocolate cookie

We double the recipe so here is the doubled version

2 cups butter (don’t you dare use margarine, it is 4 sticks of the good stuff)

1 cup powdered sugar

2 tsp vanilla

4 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 cup nuts

More powdered sugar to roll them in

Soften the butter, I usually put 2 sticks at a time in the microwave for 30 seconds and then do the 2nd sticks separate.  Mix BUTTER, powdered sugar and vanilla together.  Once they are combined and creamy put aside.  In separate bowl mix flour, salt and nuts.  Add this bowl to the BUTTER mixture and mix together.  Dough should now be ready to make into balls.  There are no eggs in this recipe so feel guilt free to eat some dough at this point, not quite the same as chocolate chip cookie dough but fills the same need.  Roll cookies into balls.  These cookies do not rise so make them the size you want and you can fill a cookie sheet up with quite a few of them.  Bake until set but NOT BROWN.  I usually lift them a little off the pan and see if the bottoms are slightly brown and I call them done.  They are supposed to cook for 10 – 12 minutes at 400 if you feel like following the directions

After they cool slightly roll them in powdered sugar.  When you get done rolling start with the first cookie and reroll them again.  This is a great job for kids! and the reason I have 3 of them

Enjoy and be Merry! and for goodness sake throw out that icky margarine please for a New Years resolution.

Keeping with the cookie theme and the Black Family obsession with all things that have to do with bodily functions and septics tomorrow’s cookie is the infamous Black Family Turd Cookies another staple of our Christmas traditions.  Troy would like it pointed out that he is a Gibson and his family and his mother have a much more polite name for this cookie rather than Turd Cookie, but I like that name to much since that is what my mom called them.  What will out boys call them?