As I type this blog entry the snow is falling, we are expecting another inch or so.  Just enough to  make everyone happy at Christmas.  The snow was flying in the pines by Shamrock

The reason for the snow… we shoveled an flooded the ice skating rink.  Troy and Jake working on getting the ice just right

Basketball practice is easier than the rink.. think we can set up some hoops?

Secret to good ice, a water pump down in the ice.  Usually we have run at hose all the way down the hill and done a lot of swearing connecting hoses in the cold, blowing out the lines so they do not freeze in a straight line… yeah a lot of fun.  This is much easier… why didn’t we do this years ago…. no answer from he peanut gallery

Mack’s comment for the day…. “They put jingle bells around my collar….. freaking me out…. can’t wait for this Christmas thing to be over… they were eyeing me up for reindeer antlers at lunch…”