It was a beautiful Christmas Eve and we all headed to the ice, even Chicken Little on a leash.  We discovered Mack has a talent as a sled dog or what x country skiers call ski journing with your dog or skate journing as we were doing

After a little discussion about not grabbing the leash that he never has on and is not used to

He got the hang of it and all you had to do was hang on yep the new sport of skate journing has been born

Hold on and steer cause here we go

Everyone else was enjoying some lake hockey

Or catching a ride with dad on ice this would be Dad Journing

Intense comptetion

Then there were others like Conner who were just learning to stand up on skates.  He has an intense desire to keep up with his skating cousins

There are others who took falls….. brought on by older sons who get in the way of a 40 year old mom in motion…

Then there are those that forgo skates altogether as foreign form of torture and stick to boots but still manage to score 1/2 of the goals

Ice fisherman returning from his favorite fishing hole to see what the commotion was on the ice

It was a beautiful Christmas Eve on Ice