This blog is about what is going on at the resort, and a the moment a large frozen chunk of water is what is keeping everyone entertained so you get one more day of pictures of skating across the lake.  This time the wind was whipping the snow across the lake.  Snow berms were starting to form which makes ice skating out in the open off the rink harder.  Can you feel the wind and cold from this picture?  It almost looks like a different planet

Mack was enjoying the fact that he had traction in the snow, we were not enjoying skating through the snow piles

Eventually chicken little got some guts and took off ahead.  We were headed over to where the road meets the lake where we heard Steve was ice fishing and skating

We found Steve with his father inlaw catching Northern

The wind was whipping so much that we tried some para sailing (skating)

One of the tools of every icefisherman

Using the cooler to prop up the pole.  Can’t do this regular fishing

Bobber bobbing away in the hole

Could not ask for a more beautiful day to be out on the lake

Time to start heading back through the snow piles

Good Luck fishing Mike!

Passing by one of Mike’s tip ups.  Steve had a path worn from their fishing hole to the tip up for him to check

One of my favorite pics of the day with the wind whipping across the lake

Time to head back home, ankles are sore and I have had enough of negotiating through snow piles.  Kids were half a lake ahead of me watching mom  make it back carefully before they started their hockey game, surprised mom just wanted to sit and watch this time