My trip to get coffee in the morning.  Chicken Little took one look at me with my coffee cup in my hand and headed the other way with his nose in the air.  He knows coffee cup = car ride= terror  I was thrilled this morning to have to get my scraper out and the snow was still coming down heavy

Looking through the resort with my flash, flashing the flakes.  Everyone in the resort waking up happy this morning to see snow coming down!  They have all been skiing, tubing and ice fishing this week.  The tubers and skiers will be thrilled to have more to play in.  This should ramp up our conditions and make it descent to ski.

Driving out the resort taking picture of the woods across from the resort.  Makes me want to head off for a walk or maybe even a snow shoe

I snapped a picture for Helen Marchbank of the Bearskin trail. Snowmobile trails are going to open in Oneida County on Friday.  Yeah!   We do need more snow but this is just enough to get them to open and hopefully it sounds like a couple of clipper systems over the weekend to keep it fresh

White knuckle driving on HWY 51 with one thing on my mind…. COFFEE!

My favorite gas station.  I boy cotted BP stations for a while after the gulf, but I stopped into this one last year for an errand and ran into the nicest lady and her 2 girls running it and have been hooked on stopping in to give them business.  50 cent refills on my coffee and every 5th gallon of milk is free… and friendly service

Rebecca is who you will find behind the counter 90% of the time running her business.  It really is a family business that you do not see at a lot of the gas stations and she cares about making everyone happy

She always has great brochures on the counter… I think I know the place in the middle:)

She also has this great card game for the car that was created by a local Hazelhurst Entrepreneur on the counter for sale

Ahhh my coffee.  Since Steve closed the coffee shop I have been reduced to gas station French Vanilla unless I want to drive all the way into Minocqua for a treat from The Northern Way.  Can’t beat a 5 minute drive and a 50 cent refill

I even saw my first snowmobiles at the gas station.

View of Lower Kaubashine Road in the snow taken as I am driving with the flash on.

the is the best you get when I take a picture while driving with the flash on.  Snow is coming down.  Just watch out for the lady taking pictures, driving with her coffee in the gray HHR

I stopped for this shot looking across the lake.  Tom has not marked the snowmobile trail yet, but I am sure he will today or tomorrow.  I have already seen people playing around out on the lake with a couple of sleds.

As of 9 am this is about what we have recieved in new snow on top of our base.  Time to play in the snow.  I have 2 cabins left for New Years