I do believe there was quite a party over at Muskie Inn last night.  I believed it rivaled a few of the Thompson parties.  John Sr and Jr please note how to keep the drinks cool in the winter.  It was a happy New Year at the Cliff and it SNOWED!!  about 3 -4 inches and we have that coming again later today into tomorrow

The bird house report, all new fresh snow to play in

The only things moving this morning were the Chickadees flighting between trees

Snow in the pines weighing them down

Most of the resort will be headed to Winter Park today for skiing and tubing.  We were tubing last night for New Years and I will post those pictures after I get my coffee and plow out the resort.  Steve has off today so it is the blonde in the truck flying around the driveway with the plow.  Please no blonde jokes for this one, I can hear Paul Zaremba already formulating one.  Luckily I Troy has the John Deer Gator who cleans up the spots I miss.  Plowing is an art form and I am definitely in the Junior category.  However I have never hit anything which others in the family can not say……