It was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  I was trying to get my contacts in at 7:15am after not wanting to get out of bed on a cold first day of school.  Boys yell from the livingroom, mom get your camera the sunrise is great.  I think this was revenge for me waking them up this morning, they know how much I like pretty shots and seeing mom run around with one contact in, trying to find my shoes and camera and get out the lakeside door at -10 degree windchill was their amusement this morning.  But I got the shot and went back inside frozen to get my other contact in

I did negotiate the beach steps with one contact and found the view looking up at the snow in the pines interesting with focus in one eye

Had I not had to search for my shoes for 5 minutes you would have gotten a pinker sunrise, but I think Jake kicked them under the couch before he yelled “mom you should see the sunrise this morning”  Christmas Break is over and time for school.  I had my revenge when I reminded him that the van has to warm up for 5 minutes before you can drive off and while you are out there start mom’s car as well.