Nothing new to talk about today, we are cleaning up cabins from New Years and the snow conditions are good for the weekend, so time to head into the files from yester year.  Millie in the snow by Bayview

I love all the old cars that used to be at the resort.  This is a picture of a car I would love again, with my Uncle Dave and Georgia arriving for a visit at the main house

What I would not give for this car.  They just don’t build them like this anymore.  My chevy HHR is the closest I will come

Always one of my favorite pictures of my grandparents, Maynard and Millie enjoying one of the first snowmobiles

Craig and Dave up to no good

We will see if things get more interesting than cleaning toilets tomorrow or it is back to the yester-year file.  I hear with the warmer temps at the end of the week the guys are deserting me with the remaining bathrooms and heading to the wood shed to cut wood and that is always good blog fodder.  Steve is always more entertaining at the woodshed as opposed to his cleaning job of bathrooms.

Katie is at work restocking my yester year file with more golden oldies that she has scanned in over the years.  Can’t wait til she gets that new file of pictures my way.  She is in charge of the family archives