Frist of all for anyone wondering how the snow is holding up with these warmer temps this week, it is doing fine.  I took this picture of our front yard at 9am today Friday.  It has gotten in the upper 30’s Thursday and today it is supposed to do the same thing.  We have enough snow that it has held up fine.  I have all skiers coming in this weekend and all are headed to Winter Park for fun, it ought to be a great weekend to ski.  I do have 3 cabins left if anyone has the itch.  I heard the high school ski teams in the South are training on frozen grass, up here the ski teams are definitely skiing on some nice snow

Now on to what has been going on.  We have had a mystery at the resort.

Insert the music to Alfred Hitchcock here.  We had a mystery smell in Wildflower.  The last folks made the report and we went to clean it and did not smell it until……..  Steve cleaning the bathroom, flushed the toilet and it hit……  what is that smell….  Who farted?  If that is a fart whoever did it needs to own it and be proud.. Steve, Troy, Olga… I know it was not me..   Dum, de dum dum…   Luckily we have two very good detectives on the case experienced in these sorts of smells and immediately got to work on the case

They quickly got their high tech equipment a ladder and a bucket of water and headed to the roof

The offender was identified… a blocked sewer vent.  Over the fall pine needles had gotten into the pipe and snow had piled on top of the pipe blocking some rather ripe gases in the pipe that were waiting for some unsuspecting person to flush the toilet and gases went in reverse.  How to solve this problem…

Steve analyzing the problem always ready to take on a problem that involves septics.  Nothing brings out a gleam in the guys eyes like dealing with sewers or septics.  If you are on city sewer and do not own 15 septic tanks you may not get or understand the thrill that comes from making sure everything is running smoothly.  Making a call to the city to say you have a problem, vs. getting in the trenches and discovering for your self where the problem is and getting it all going again.  Yep nothing like living in the country…  Ok, ok City sewer does sound attractive especially the number of times our dinner has been interupted with gurgling toilets over the years

One bucket of water put down the pipe to dislodge snow, ice and pine needles into the bowels of the septic tank

Just to make sure all is solved, grab another high tech piece of equipment and shove it down the pipe to make sure all is headed in the right direction.  Problem solved! and all is happy in the country once again.  All Wildflowerians be assured all is well again in Wildflower, and anyone else visiting that thinks their relatives have a bad case of gas in the cabin, before pointing fingers walk outside and look at your sewer vent pipe and see if there is a pile of snow and ice on top before pointing fingers and starting a family war over flatulence

Where but the Birchbark Blog do you learn to deal with blocked sewer vents.  I don’t think the Hilton posts pictures of their blocked sewer vents…. Oh yeah they are on city sewer and water… where is the adventure in that?