We headed on a tubing adventure to Winter Park.  Most folks locally buy a season skiing pas to Winter Park, our family is one of 2 that has purchased a season tubing pass.  The boys love to go and after a week of Basketball, Swim Club and cleaning cabins a relaxing time spent tubing is more up our alley than a marathon of skiing.  Although I do love to ski as well.

The first part of the adventure that I have written about before is just getting to Winter Park.  You have to drive down Camp 9 Road which is also a snowmobile trail and lightly plowed.  Dodging snowmobiles while driving is a frequent occurrence.  Snowmobilers sometimes forget they have to share this road.  I have been driving and had them pass me on both sides of the vehicle

Today everyone, including our car was on the right side of the road and all was well.

Relaxed sitting in a tube being pulled up the hill.  There is nothing like the just sitting back and letting your self be pulled up a hill backwards and enjoying

the view

the tubers heading up the hill

Adventuresome folks that want a work out can skip the line for the tube lift and hike it up the hill no waiting.  It definitely works off a few of those Christmas cookies

Once up waiting to head down the hill

Yahoo see you at the bottom of Squirrel Hill

Good afternoon had by all.  Where did that wonderful blue scarf come from?  Thanks, Char!  Now to negotiate Camp 9 road home