Sunrise this morning between Bayview and Muskie as seen from my car on my Iphone.  Getting a little lazy lately and I have not had my good Cannon along but the Iphone does ok.  I hear the Iphone 4S has a better camera…. dreaming and I will keep dreaming til my contract runs out on the 4

View minus the sun.  It has been warm the last few days but the snow is holding up.  We are getting bare spots on the southern exposure but among the trees it is doing fine.  Just looked at the forecast and sounds like we have more snow coming in for Wednesday and Thursday.  With this base it should set up just fine for the weekend for skiing.  I was at a Winter Park Board meeting last night where much of the talk was about grooming and keeping the trails in good shape.  They have had some bare spots out at the park as well but are dealing with them the best they can and anxiously awaiting the snow on Wednesday to fill in the freshen things up

I heard this morning that only 16 percent of the United States is covered in snow.  I am happy to live in the 16 percent!

View down by the 3rd driveway looking between Restawhile and Holiday

I snapped this one showing the Bearskin in Hazelhurst looking South.  The base of the trail is there and a few inches of snow would make a world of difference.  The snowmobile trails have taken more of a beating than the ski trails.  The lakes are in good shape for snowmobiling along with the woods trails, but the road trails are down to dirt and pavement.  Again a few inches of snow will make a world of difference and that sounds like what we are getting

I caught the guys trying out the wood crib on the small popple.  Everyone looked happy

Troy chopping up the bigger stuff in the tire.  He has officially adopted this way of splitting wood.  Not as much bending over

Steve ready to go on Youtub and find other time saving things