First of all before I get to Miss March, here is the snow total for the Northwoods over the last couple of days.  This is what we received in new snow on top of what we had.  Nice fluffy stuff to play in…. Now on to Miss March..  We have book shelves in all the cabins for folks to share books, take a book leave a book and the same with DVD’s.  I have to admit, I do not comb through them each time someone leaves to see if something new is there, unless I happen to spot something I have not read and borrow it from a cabin to read.  Once in awhile I do clean out the cabinets….

I had a little extra time today and Kaubashine’s cabinet looked a little disorganized and then I saw Miss March…..  and then I turned over the DVD to read the back to see if it was as bad as I thought it was…

Ummmm… yep…..  Now I have no problem with folks watching whatever they want, it is a free country and there are a couple of amendments in a thing called the Constitution.  However, do they need to leave it behind to share?  Keeping in mind we have lots of kids that stay in the cabins.  I have no idea who left Miss March as I have not looked in the cabinet in awhile.  My request to anyone staying, is if you like Miss March, please take her with you when you leave.  Small prying eyes do not need to have a surprise meeting with her when they are looking for the DVD for Cinderella on a rainy afternoon in a cabin.  If Miss March or any of her friends are spotted on a bookshelf in a cabin please feel free to give them the eviction notice in the garbage can or bring them to me.

Looking through the rest of the titles, not sure if this one is risky but decided to leave it.  Anyone reads this book and it is about sex in jail feel free to file it in the garbage.  After Miss March it did not seem too bad.  Steve poked his head out of the bathroom to say the next book someone would find interesting and leave it in the book shelf

Steve’s idea of a good read the History of Cuba.  Personally I could think of many other books I would rather read that are much fluffier.  Right now I am reading the Harry Dresden magician detective series and Oceans in the Sea of Time about the island of Nantucket being moved back in time to the Bronze age.  So much better reading than the history of Cuba but each to their own.  Steve is determined someone in Kaubashine will want to read this book

In the meantime, Miss March is gone and Andy and the Crew are sitting in the cabinet to entertain anyone on a rainy wet day.