Basketball Games and Swim Meet in Antigo have kept us a bit busy the last few days.  Heart Breaker loss to Antigo…  Antigo played well and won deservedly so, but I saw my first score keeper ever ejected from a game for heckling a ref.  The ugly side of sports that did not need to happen.  Now on to Rhinelander later in the week.  We have quit an exciting basketball team to watch this year.

But back to business, some tune in for more than the local basketball scores I am told.  So here is the Bearskin trail picture Sunday morning.  Everything looks good and I will be hearing reports from folks on the trail later today and tomorrow

Lower Kaubashine snow covered and in good shape to get to the trail

Entrance to the lake.  I heard there were lots of folks out enjoying the lake this weekend.  The first really good weekend we have had for snowmobiles to get out

Going past the cabins it is easy to see what everyone was doing this weekend.  Most of our guests are skiers headed over to Winter Park.  I am sure they had an outstanding weekend of skiing at the park with nice temps and great snow.  These folks have been skiing Martin Luther King weekend since the first winter we opened up back in 1993 over 18 years

We also had our first group of snowmobilers arrive to mix in with the skiers.  Up to this point the trails for snowmobiling have just not had enough snow.  Skiers can ski on just a few inches of snow, snowmobilers needs what we got this week a good 8 – 10 inches.  Hopefully winter is here to stay for everyone to enjoy.  Temps this week are going sub zero, time to get the boys to get a couple of piles of wood up on the deck and get both of our woodstoves going