We had some beautiful fresh snow come down last night.  About an inch with a little more coming later today.  Makes everything white and fresh

Before the snow came down I saw the truck backed up to Kaubashine…  What were the guys up to.  I was shutting down cabins, pulling linens, turning off water heaters, turning down the heat and the truck was backed up to Kaubashine…..   The following set of pictures are dedicated to Donna Pyfer as she gets one of her wishes granted

They had the counter off in the kitchen already and hammer and power drill in action.  Word had spread that Kaubashine would not be needed this weekend and they should have time to get a project done.  I kindly reminded them I just booked the cabin for a week from Tuesday….  They replyed no problem, no worries….  who is worried…. they have just torn apart half of the kitchen and I see the chop saw is on the back of the truck

The reason for the hammers.  Craig got a great deal on these cabinets when he remodeled Kaubashine about 12 years ago.  The great deal came with shelves made out of particle board.  Who in their right mind makes kitchen shelves of of particle board that warps when it gets wet.  Of course under the kitchen drain would be a place that would get wet and low and behold the shelf had come apart last July when Donna Pyfer pointed it out to me.  Middle of July is not the time a major kitchen project can be solved so with some time on their hands, and a desire to escape the wood shed for a few days, the guys thought it was time to fix the shelves.  I hope to be happy with the results by next Tuesday when the Erickson crew arrives on Tuesday… I am sure it will get done on time….

Think the crew coming next Tuesday would notice a counter and fridge in front of their fireplace?  They are snowmobiling I am sure they would not notice

Steve’s hound dog, Olja is just happy he has found a warm place to work this week.  With temps in the single digits for highs mid week, Olja is loving a nice warm rug to lay on as opposed to being out by the woodshed cutting wood.  I am sure she will keep an eye on what is going on and make sure they meet their deadline

Those in Holiday will know Holiday’s sink cabinet is in the same shape and it is next on the list to be worked on in March or April hopefully