Good Golly Miss Molly it is cold out.  It was – 7 this morning and I have no idea with the wind chill what it was.  I know they are saying – 10 tonight with a -20 windchill.  Of course I had no gas in my gas tank this morning and had to stop to fill up and freeze my tail off.  By the weekend temps are supposed to rebound into the upper 20’s and maybe flirt with the 30’s.

Today though is a 2 woodstove day.  Time to fire both of them up

I made sure the boys had plenty of wood up on the deck for the next 2 days.  With 2 woodstoves we will probably go through this in a couple of days

Never fear more wood is always around the corner, the good stuff Troy saves for our house, the oak.  Lesson number 1 on staying on  Troy’s good side, never steal his dry winter oak he hides away from the woodshed to burn in your firepit especially when it is 80 degrees.  Once in awhile someone grabs some of his wood and I do not hear the end of it…. BACK AWAY FROM THE OAK!

Stopping into Kaubashine the chaos of the guys has hit

New counter going in that is not made from particle board!

Gonna be a busy Monday next week getting everything back in place for Kaubashine to be rented on Tuesday